Picavet Suspension

My name is Gerome Soriano and I am the Greatest Kite Aerial Photographer of the Philippines.

I have been doing kite aerial photography since 2011 when I did it for my college thesis at the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design.

Now my challenge is to capture kite aerial photographs of the wonderful places and people from all around the Philippines :)

To invite more Filipinos to join me in practicing kite aerial photography.

And to rekindle the Filipino tradition of kite-flying :)

Now I am going to teach you what we use to keep the camera rig aligned to the horizon.

My Picavet Suspension the cross shape metal on the lower right of the image.

"Over a century ago M. A. Batut's kite aerial photography apparatus involved a camera attached directly to the kite. By 1906 George Lawrence was suspending the camera from his kite line (cable) well below his train of kites. Separating the camera from the kite reduces camera motion and thus lessens blur in the image. By 1912 Pierre L. Picavet was describing a cross-shaped suspension we now call the Picavet. It involved a rigid cross suspended below the kite line with each of the cross' four ends connected to two attachments on the kite line. The line providing these connections is a continuous loop. Its attachment to the kiteline and Picavet cross sometimes involves pulleys. The result is a nominally self-leveling platform that resists a turning moment (as in the camera cradle rotating below it.)"

The picavet suspension attaches to the rig and keeps the camera relatively level to the ground no matter what the kite is doing. It also dampens the motion induced by the kite moving in the wind. It is an aluminum cross with 4 small single-block pekabe pulleys, one on each end. I have about 60 feet (20 m) of dacron line threaded through each of these four pulleys, and through a double-block pulley on each of the two aluminum connectors. The connectors are based on Brooks Leffler's design, which allows me to quickly attach / remove the rig from the kite line.

So basically what the picavet suspeension is it's a set of free moving lines the allows the camera to move with it's weight and align the camera to the horizon :)

It also keeps the camera rig from landing on it's bad side :)

Looking Up no. 5
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