Joseph Gumia of Aerial Photographers of the Philippines

Today we interview Joseph Gumia of the group Aerial Photographers of the Philippines. He is oe of the founding members of the group. We meet through his invitation for me to join the group.

Farm Patterns, Mindanao Agriculture
Davao Del Norte

Introduce yourself and how you got started in aerial photography.

Joseph Gumia:

It all started when I was task to monitor our farms and the Banana Industry competitors. One of the task is
to fly over our banana farm plantation and take photos and GPS location of the farm.

I was a novice and don't have any idea what settings to used. I just keep on shooting. While I was on the air boarding a CESNA 206 airplane It captured me the beauty of the places we pass through usually the patterns, the scenic view of the mountains, the islands, waterfalls, rivers, beaches and etc.

Joseph's equipment
It's really different glancing from above and noticing what surrounds you. All the superb nature I captured luckily is on our path. It triggered me to capture a good frame.

So I started doing research and asking tips from my "kapitiks(Photographer friends)" on the camera settings and applying the rules of taking photos. Taking aerial photos is not just simply clicking the shutter.
Rough Sea Fishing | Davao Occidental

Part of the key of taking great vantage view from above is also the skills of the Pilot. You must have a good pilot who is also passionate. Lucky that our pilot is passionate also on what we do and loves to give us a good vantage point.

Second is you must also do a research on the coordinates of the places you intended to shoot using google maps or google earth.

Third is you must also research on the weather condition ahead. Good weather equals good photos :).
Davao Gulf Fish Cages
For me those 3 simple elements is effective in taking aerial photos.  I've tried also riding in an Ultralight plane in Angeles Pampanga, it was an awesome experience. riding in small and open airplane is really different with
no windows, where you can hang your legs flying, its like free flying above the sky. Until now I keep on doing research, doing different camera settings and test it until I can get what settings really suites in taking aerial photos.

I am thankful to have an opportunity to fly and blessed with n.I always dream of capturing the whole Philippines from above and beyond and share it to the whole world on how beautiful and blessed our country is.    

How about the facebook group Aerial Photographers Philippines how did you come up with that?

It just pops on my mind why not create a group to gather filipinos who's passion is also aerial photography, just taking the opportunity to group and share what is something in common, like what i wrote about the group "Our advocacy is to promote the Philippines through our Aerial Photography that will help increase tourism and also to share our Passion for Aerial Photography"

My first time to see and capture Bon-bonon Islet of Britania Group of Islets,
Surigao Del Sur way back year 2011

Share three of your favorite aerial photographs  I know there are a lot!

The one I took in britania, the one that looked like a scrambled egg (yung parang scramble egg), the shots in Tinuy-an falls, and the one in Cagwait COVE.

Love Patterns, Bukidnon

Ligid Gamay and Dako Island
Island Garden City of Sama

You can see more of his awesome photographs at where Joseph regularly posts his Aerial photographs.

Goin Bananas
Pantukan, Compostela Valley

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